Monday, March 23, 2020

Fishing Trip

23 Flounder on this fishing trip.
Fishing Trip-Flounder Fishing Boat
On this fishing trip I was by myself at the dock getting ready to go flounder gigging. One of my neighbors from the camp ground was passing by and asked if he could go flounder gigging with me. I asked him if he had been flounder gigging before and he said yes lots of times with other people at the camp ground. He was only 13 years old so I told him that I would wait 15 minutes so he could go ask his parents if he could go on a fishing trip.He was back in a few minutes ready for the fishing trip with his own personal gig.

So we headed out on our fishing trip. We found a nice calm bank with clear shallow water and turned the lights on. We started seeing small flounder right away and I would point them out and say they are to small we have to find some flounder a bit larger before we can gig them. It was not long before we saw one large enough. I pointed it out and told him to wait until we got closer before he tried to gig it. When the flounder was right beside the boat I said gig it in the head,now hold him on the bottom and push the gig all the way through. He gigged him in the center but we got him in the boat anyway. The kid was very excited and said alright my first flounder. So I asked him again had he been flounder gigging before and he said yes lots of times but this was the first time he had got one.

Well we keep looking and sense he was having so much fun each time we saw one big enough I would position the boat so he could gig it. In about 3 hours we had 8 flounder and went back to the camp ground. He thanked me and told me he enjoyed it very much.

The next day he came over and we took the flounder to the fish cleaning station to clean them. While we were there people would stop to see what we had caught on our fishing trip and he would explain how he had gigged all 8 flounder and I did not get even one. I am so glad he saw me at the dock that night and we went on that fishing trip. It makes me smile every time I think about it. This is one of my favorite fishing trips.
Next time I may take him casting for shrimp.